These Rules regulate the relations, rights and duties of suppliers of services (hosts) and the users of service (guests).


Your stay in our suite commences at 2 pm of the first day of your stay and it ends at 10 am of the last day. The last day of your sojourn (i.e. the day you leave  the suite) is not included in the total number of days of your stay in the suite.



Article 2


  1. During your stay in the suite, you can use all of the appliances within the suite. In case of damage or disappearance of certain objects or appliances from the apartment, the guest must, immediately, inform the host and pay the value of damaged or missing goods.
  2. Persons, who are not checked-in or registered as guests of the Suite are not allowed: to stay in the suites for a longer period of time, to sleep, or to stay overnight.


Article 3.


  1. It is forbidden to bring into the suite highly flammable or explosive materials or objects with strong and offensive odours.
  2. Animals may not be brought into the suite  without the consent of the host.
  3. Rearrangement of furniture in suite is not allowed (possible only with host’s consent).
  4. Hours of peace and quite should be observed from 15:00 to 17:00 and from 23:00 to 07:00 hours.Excessive noise from  transistor radios, television sets or other musical instruments should be avoided.


Article 4.


  1. The guests have the duty to observe the provisions of the Rules and to use the suite, furniture and the installations in the manner that will cause no damage to the property.
  2. The guests are responsible for taking care of their personal belongings and valuables. The host cannot be held responsible for the disappearance of the guest’s belongings and/or valuables.
  3. The guests should turn the air conditioner off whenever leave the suite.
  4. Each guests should check out with the host before leaving and pay for the services used or show proof of the payment.
  5. The suite should be vacated by 10:00 o ‘clock on day of departure,
  6. Rubbish is should be disposed of in provided containers and all laundry should be neatly collected and left in bathroom upon departure.



Article 5.


  1. The host may deny accommodation to a guest who behaves in a manner that violates these Rules and disturbs peace.
  2. The host may seek compensation from guests who loses some thing that belongs to the host or who deliberaty or through gross negligence causes damage to object, installations or furniture in the house.
  3. The host reserves the right, in case of special circumstances, to enter into the suite when necessary, although the guests are not in the suite in that moment, in order to prevent predictable and inevitable damage and/or danger (e.g. in case of flood, fire, bad weather i.e. when the shutters are not shut and secured etc.). In case of such an entrance in the absence of the guests, the host will duly inform the guests about the time and the reason of the intervention.


  1. It is the duty of the host to secure peace and order and to assist the guests in settling down in their rooms.
  2. It is duty of the host to clean the suite, and change the bed linen and towels for each guest. In a case of longer stay of a guests bed linen should be changed at least once every seven days and towels at least once every three days.


It is not allowed to smoke in the suites. The only place in the suite in which you are allowed to smoke is the balcony. The smokers are kindly asked not to leave any cigarette buds in the suite, the house, in the yard, or outside of it; and to take all necessary precautions and safety measures in the prevention of fire for their own personal safety

We ask you to abide by these rules and regulations in order to make your and the stay of other guests in our suites more pleasurable.

Complains book is at the reception (Zvonimirova 128, Baška).


We hope you will have a pleasant stay in our suites! THANK YOU